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Oxygen Traps


Series 6300 Oxygen Traps


These Series 6300 oxygen traps contain a highly active, metal-containing, inert supported reagent filled into a one-piece aluminum container. The trap is capable of reducing the oxygen content of a gas stream down to 99.99998% of its original concentration. Each unit is filled under a heated flow of ultra high purity helium to eliminate the need for extensive purging prior to GC or GC/MS operation.

The Series 6300 units are ideal for use with hydrogen and inert carrier gases commonly used with TC and FID gas chromatographs as well as argon-methane mixtures used with electron capture gas chromatographs. The all metal housing virtually eliminates contamination and resultant signal noise that often occur with traps constructed of other materials. These units can also be used to treat carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, alkanes, alkenes, aliphatic hydrocarbon gases and low boiling point aromatics, like benzene and toluene.

• Reduces oxygen levels to less than 15ppb.
• Scrubbing agent sphere size optimized to achieve maximum surface area and capacity to provide twice the surface area and capacity of "look-alike" units.
• Filter design and aspect ratio prevents channeling and promotes even flow and efficient scrubbing.
• Inlet and outlet fitted with 40 micron stainless steel frits.
• All metal construction.
• Bed material treated with ultra high purity helium.
• Operating pressure: 250 psig
• Oxygen removal capacity:
525 mg
• Dimensions:
1.25” O.D. x 11.25” long
2 3/8” O.D. x 17” long