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PurgEye™100 the newest, most advanced Weld Purge Monitor™ with new features and capabilities that place this monitor way ahead in the field of weld purge monitoring. The Argweld® product line is the only one to offer a complete “family” of Weld Purge Monitors™ for all applications and to suit every budget. With the addition of the exciting new PurgEye™ 100, the industry’s most popular line of purge monitors has raised the bar even higher with the latest in instrumentation and advances in technology.

The innovative Push Button Auto Calibration on the front of the PurgEye™100 allows the user to calibrate at atmospheric level and again at the lowest oxygen reading with just the push of a button and provides increased accuracy.

With tungsten inert gas welding (gas tungsten arc welding) of important joints in stainless steels and other reactive metals, it is essential to know that the oxygen content in the welding volume has been reduced to a satisfactorily low level before commencing the weld. By using a proper Weld Purge Monitor™ the guesswork is eliminated and the welders can do their job with increased confidence and assurance of a good purge. Use the right tool for the job! Monitor includes:

  • Push buttom “Auto Calibration” feature
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Low Sensor Indicator
  • Englarged Screen and Larger Digits
  • Tripod Mount
  • Increased Sensor Reading Range
  • Wrist and Neck Carry Strap
  • Protective Rubber Housing
  • Quick Connect/Disconnect Fitting for Gas Purge Tubing
  • Automatic Sleep Mode When Not in Use

Some Advantages and Key Features

  • Auto Calibration Feature
    Calibrate your own monitor at any time without having to return it to the factory. Also, each time you weld to ensure that your readings are the most accurate possible. The calibration facility even has the ability at the touch of a small button to calibrate both at atmospheric level of 20.94% and at 0.01% (100 ppm) level of oxygen.
  • Low Sensor indicator
    You will never again be with an unusable monitor! The “low sensor level signal”, giving plenty of time to obtain a new sensor which you can simply fit and calibrate yourself.
  • Low Battery Indicator
    Another ‘first’ in the design and manufacture of PurgEye™100 Weld Purge Monitors™ is the low battery indicator that appears in the corner of the screen at the appropriate time.
  • Automatic Sleep Mode
    When the Monitor registers more than 20% oxygen for periods longer than 1 hour, it will automatically switch off to conserve sensor and battery life.
  • Extra Range
    The PurgEye™ 100 Weld Purge Monitor™ indicates oxygen levels down to 100 parts per million (PPM) 0.01% and measures accurately down to 0.1%
  • Enlarged Screen
    The new enlarged screen uses 24 mm size digits for easy viewing at longer distances from the work station. These digits are approximately 41% larger than other models.
  • Tripod Mount
    A rugged tripod mount has been integrated into the housing. This allows the PurgEye™ 100 Weld Purge Monitor™ to be firmly mounted on a tripod of your choice.