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8067 Gas Leak Detector

$4,500.00 $4,365.00

8067 Gas Leak Detector


Detectable Gases: Helium, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen

The Model 8067 is a universal gas leak detector specially designed to locate and measure a wide variety of gas leaks. It sees widespread use throughout industrial, laboratory, medical and research applications. Calibration data for four different gas groups is stored in memory and eliminates the need to refer to printed calibration charts in determining actual leak rates. At the touch of a button, the appropriate gas group calibration is selected depending upon the target gas to be detected. Leak rates are directly displayed in a large LCD readout. The user easily chooses units of cc/sec, ppm or ft3/yr. An audible signal increases frequency proportional to the size of leak. The 8067 is equipped with sensitivity ranges of x1, x10 and x100, and both manual and auto zero functions are standard. Also included is a unique peak-hold function which retains the highest leak rate detected as the probe is passed through the suspect leak area.