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Cryogenic Container Regulator


Series HL3300 Cryogenic Container Regulator

This chrome plated brass single stage regulator is ideal for controlling the gaseous withdrawal from cryogenic containers.

The regulator boasts a large stainless steel diaphragm for better control and a 0.37 Cv to provide high flow if required.

• Available in three delivery pressure ranges, 0-125, 0-350, and 0-500 psig
• Maximum inlet pressure – 3000 psig
• One-piece encapsulated seat design with 10 micron filter to protect seat from particulate contamination
• Inlet is required CGA connection or 1/4” NPT female
• Outlet connection 1/4” NPT female
• Cv = 0.37
Body: Chrome plated brass forging
Bonnet: Chrome plated brass forging
Diaphragm: 302 stainless steel
Nozzle: brass
Seat & seals: PTFE Teflon
Filter: nickel plated sintered bronze
Seat return spring: PH 17-7 stainless steel